My currently available beautiful fun loving and playful kittens for sale

Princess courageously gave birth to 7 kittens while travelling over the Thanksgiving Holiday!!! Available to join your family for 2016 are one cream male, one silver shaded male and three silver females (one quite possibly a chinchilla, too young to tell). Reserve your kitten with a deposit now, appointments can be scheduled to meet and choose from these tiny love bugs after the 14th of December.
BELOW ARE IMAGES OF THE BEAUTIFUL FUN LOVING AND PLAYFUL KITTENS THAT JUST SLIPPPED THROUGH YOUR FINGERS. Below them are a few pictures of Princess and her new BIG litter of TINY Treasures that will grow into the jewels that you just missed out on.

Sir Grace d.o.b.: 5/26/15
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Chanel d.o.b.: 7/19/15
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Vera Wang d.o.b.: 7/19/15
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Armani d.o.b.: 7/19/15
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Giorgio d.o.b.: 7/19/15
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Valentino d.o.b.: 7/19/15
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Princess resting with her new brood.

A pile of seven silly looking Dr. Seuss like characters that in 4 short weeks will evolve into the cutest, most loveable, playful and affectionate companions you will ever have the opportunity to make your own.